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Hi-bleach Crude solvent extracted Rice bran oil :

Our state of art Low film temperature distillation system produces oil with lighter colour and high bleachability which in turn saves processing cost in Refining process.

Moreover this lighter colour crude oil yields refined oil of lesser colour when compared with the oil produced by conventional distillation system of solvent extraction plant. This is the main reason why our Rice bran crude oil is preferred by most of the Refiners.


PROWIN brand high quality De-oiled Rice bran :

Our state of art Uni-flow preparatory system ensures uniform quality parameters throughout the process cycle. This high quality De-oiled rice bran is packed by Auto weighing and bagging device which ensures accurate weight of 50 kgs of De-oiled Rice bran in each and every bag.

This accurate weight of each bag reduces the burden of re-weighing for the animal and poultry feed manufacturers in preparation of feed mixtures.